Center for Academic Courses (CFAC), KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India

Center for Academic Courses

Center for Academic Courses (CFAC)

The Center for Academic Courses was established to administer all academic matters of the Institute. This office is responsible for organizing meetings of all Academic bodies such as Boards of Studies, Standing Committees and Academic Council: preparing lesson plans and the academic schedule for all the U.G. and P.G. programmes.

Undergraduate Regulations
Postgraduate Regulations
Curriculum and Syllabus
S. No. Programme Regulations
Undergraduate Programmes R-2021 (Revised) R-2021 R-2019
1. B. Tech. Artificial intelligence and Data Science View View View
2. B.E. Biomedical Engineering View View View
3. B.Tech. Chemical Engineering View View View
4. B.E. Civil Engineering View View View
5. B.Tech. Computer Science and Business Systems View - -
6. B.E. Computer Science and Engineering View View View
7. B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (AIML) View - -
8. B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering View View View
9. B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering View View View
10. B.Tech. Information Technology View - -
11. B.E. Mechanical Engineering View View View
12. B.E. Mechatronics Engineering View - -
Postgraduate Programmes R-2023 R-2021 R-2019
1. M. E. CAD / CAM View View View
2. M.E. Computer Science Engineering View View View
3. M.E. Structural Engineering View View View
4. M.E. VLSI View View View
Open Elective Syllabus
S. No. Semester Regulations
R-2021 (Revised) R-2021 R-2019
1. IV View View -
2. V View View -
3. VI View View -
4. VII View View -
Academic Schedule
S. No. Academic Year Odd Semester Even Semester
1 2024-2025 View -
2 2023-2024 View View
3 2022-2023 View View
4 2021-2022 View View
5 2020-2021 View View
Non Statutory Committee
S. No. Academic Year View
1. 2023-2024 View
2. 2022-2023 View
3. 2021-2022 View
4. 2020-2021 View

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