MALAYSIA TRIP, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India


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Dec 07, 2023 to Dec 11, 2023
02:30 PM to 12:00 AM
Student Affairs

International Education Visit to Malaysia by KPRIET Students


📅 Dates: December 7, 2023 - December 11, 2023


🛫 Departure: Cochin International Airport  at 11:15 pm


🛬 Return: Trichy Airport at 10:25 pm


🎓 Organized by Student Affairs at KPRIET


In an effort to broaden horizons and foster global perspectives, the Student Affairs Office at KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology proudly presents an International Education Visit to Malaysia. This enriching trip, approved by our esteemed Principal, Dr. M. Ramasamy, and endorsed by Dr. J. Suryakanth, Director of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations, and Dr. P. Ravikumar, Head of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations, will be led by Dr. V. Rajeshkumar, Head of Sangamam, accompanied by a group of 18 enthusiastic students.


🌏 Destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾


🗓 Itinerary:


Day 1 (07/12/2023):


Departure from KPRIET to Cochin International Airport at 11:15 pm

Flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Day 2 (08/12/2023):


Visit to Sunway University

Exploration of Multimedia University


Day 3 (09/12/2023):


Adventure at Genting Highlands

Spiritual journey to Batu Caves


Day 4 (10/12/2023):


Discover Kuala Lumpur City

Visit to Putrajaya


Day 5 (11/12/2023):


Return from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Trichy Airport at 12:00 pm


🙌 Acknowledgments:

We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. J. Suryakanth, Dr. P. Ravikumar, and Principal Dr. M. Ramasamy for their invaluable support in making this international education visit a reality. Their commitment to providing enriching experiences for our students is commendable.


🌟 Join us on this Educational Odyssey!


Witness the blend of academic exploration and cultural immersion as KPRIET students embark on a journey of learning and discovery in Malaysia. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting adventure! 🌍📚 #KPRIETMalaysiaTrip #GlobalLearning #EducationBeyondBorders


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